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In Judge Carey’s courtroom, defendants and victims of crimes are meaningfully heard in the moments that matter most to them and the community. He thoughtfully ensures that people on both sides experience a fair means of arriving at just, coherent results.

Appointed by Governor Walz in April of 2022, he began hearing Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony cases. Judge Carey is now one of three judges on the first ever Behavioral Health Team within the Civil Division. He supports those who have served our country in Veteran’s Treatment Court, while also managing the Mental Health Court docket, and Civil Commitment proceedings for people experiencing serious and persistent mental illnesses and addiction. The rest of his time is spent hearing criminal cases where the person charged is not competent to proceed, due to a mental illness or cognitive impairment.

Throughout his time on the Bench, Judge Carey has worked closely with the other judges on the Behavioral Health Team to help create and formalize processes under recent and important changes to the law. These legislative changes seek to improve access to reliable, quality mental health and substance use disorder interventions for people charged with crimes, to support individuals and community safety.

Prior to his appointment, Judge Carey served the public as a probation officer and prosecutor. Throughout his career in service to the community, he has focused on supporting people who, for generations have had inadequate access to the care necessary to restore individual stability and decrease criminal behaviors in our neighborhoods. He educated justice partners and engaged community providers and stake-holders to help improve the quality of life for victims of crime, while addressing the issues closely related to the person’s involvement in the criminal justice system.

While an assistant Ramsey County Attorney, he focused on Civil Commitment cases and criminal cases where the person could not enter a plea or be tried because of a mental illness or impairment. He served on the Community Competency Attainment Task Force to try to eliminate gaps in the provision of mental health care and substance use disorder treatment. He worked with local partners to increase local efforts to meet the needs of this population to help stabilize individuals and their communities.

For years before law school, he was a probation officer in the Ramsey County Community Corrections Department. He made recommendations to the Court to diminish recidivism and enhance public safety, through thoughtful treatment recommendations and case planning.

Judge Carey grew up in rural Iowa, and came to Minnesota, where he majored in Psychology at Saint John’s University in Collegeville. Upon graduation, he moved to Saint Paul, and he has called this community home ever since. Twelve years after college, he attended Mitchell Hamline Law School. He and his partner have enjoyed living on Saint Paul’s beloved Dayton’s Bluff and Summit Hill Neighborhoods.

In the community, Judge Carey serves on the Uptown House Board, on the board of FreeWriters, and has been on the Board of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers.